Article Review Process

1. Authors submit their articles (July, November), accompanied by scans of the Licenčná zmluva (Licensing Agreement) and the Vyhlásenie o autorstve (Statement of Authorship). Both of these documents must be signed.

2. The submitted articles are anonymized (identifiable information is removed).

3. An identification number is assigned to each submitted article.

4. The structure of the submitted articles is checked. The editorial board verifies that the submitted articles:

  • contain an abstract and keywords in both English and the language of the article
  • contain a list of works cited
  • are of an appropriate length

5. The abstracts are read, and it is decided whether the submitted articles are in accordance with the journal’s area of focus.

6. The submitted articles are divided into two groups:

  1. suitable for review (appropriate structure and in accordance with the journal’s focus)
  2. unsuitable for review (inappropriate structure, not in accordance with the journal’s focus)

7. Reviewers are recruited.

8. The anonymized articles are sent to the reviewers.

9. The articles are reviewed.

10. Based on the review results, the articles are sorted into those approved for publication and those rejected for publication.

11. The authors of the approved articles revise their articles in line with the reviewer’s comments.

12. The articles are copyedited by the journal.

13. The articles are deanonymized.

14. The reviewer-approved articles are sent to the journal’s scientific board for further evaluation.

15. The decision of whether to accept the article for publication is made by the reviewer, the journal’s editorial board, and the journal’s scientific board.

16. The accepted articles are published in the journal.